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Abendlied von Matthias Claudius

The effect of electromagnetic radiation on trees

18.02.2011, Symposium at the Groene Pavilion, Baarn, NL

Does wireless radiation cause the new manifold unknown tree damage? More than 120 scientists and tree experts came together because of this question.

Unknown tree damage from electromagnetic radiation

Excerpts from the lectures on video (english/dutch)

Unknown treedamage by electromagnetic radiation


Dr. Volker Schorpp, Baarn, 2011
Dr. Volker Schorpp, Baarn 2011


Tree Damage from Chronic High Frequency Exposure
Volker Schorpp; physicist
Lecture (ca. 31 MB)




> Andrew Goldsworthy BSc PhD, Baarn, 2011
Andrew Goldsworthy BSc PhD,
Baarn 2011

Why our urban trees are dying
Andrew Goldsworthy BSc PhD
Lecturer in Biology, retired
Imperial College London

Andrew Goldsworthy at Imperial College London
Andrew Goldsworthy at h.e.s.e. Project UK